Could a Group of Women Manage a Thor Motorhome

Question: Dear Luise: My sister and her husband have offered me the use of their Thor Motorhome. It’s a used class C but it’s almost new. I’ve gone out with them, but frankly, I’m a little intimidated by it. I’m a senior. They are thinking that I would enjoy going on a trip in it with some close friends. What do you think? What could we do to feel safe on the road and in campgrounds? Do I need extra insurance, or what? I am in the dreaming stages and want to plan something that would work for all of us. Is it even a reasonable idea? Your suggestions on how we could create a women’s retreat vacation would be really appreciated. Carrie

Answer: Dear Carrie: Would your sister be going along? Is she used to driving and parking their RV? Your question sounds like you might be thinking of taking it by yourself. If so, and it’s large, why not rent a smaller one for your first few ventures? That way the insurance would be taken care of and you might feel more comfortable about asking a thousand questions. Why try to cope, initially, with a large rig or a large group?

Can you go with your family and practice RV driving? That might give you more confidence. I would say that your idea is pretty ambitious unless some of your friends have experience. If that’s not the case, weekend mini-retreats would be wise for getting your feet wet…and not too far from home. RVing is an art form to my way of thinking. There’s a lot to learn. There are some really good books out there that might help you. Have a look-see at

If you live in the USA, check out the KOA Campground Directory on the web. On site, talk with the attendants and let them know you are looking for security. Park your RV close to the bathroom facility and always visit it with another person. Don’t ever camp where there is no attendant. Go inside at a reasonable hour, if you have a campfire, and keep a low profile. Arrive and leave at normal hours.

Do your research. Start small. Ask for help. Be cautious. Have fun! Blessings, Luise

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