Women Always Abuse Me

Question: Dear luise my wife and I been together for the past 6 years and been married for 4 years just. But for the 2 years my wife started to sleep on the couch in the living room with our daughter next to my wife. And she also started to hit me alot in front of my daughter. For the past 2 years and I dont understand why she is doing this to me. And evrey time I go to play on her cell phone and she gets mad and hits me but I let her play on my cell phone. And she would aways be on the computer alot all night and texting all night  she started to talk to people that she dont know on facebook. Then she had one of her freind come over from arkansas to stay the night then my wife took my daughter with them and snuck out and she wont let me talk to my daughter its been about 2 months now and my wife have changed she is doing things like posting sex poses on facebook she use to not act like the at all. And now my daughter is in on it she is only 4 years old. And she post it on facebook I just got a lawer to go to court now to get my daughter back home safe here soon why is it that I always get abuse by women and im handicapt I just want a family but I get called names all the time. Thank you for reading this if you do. G.

Answer: Dear G.: It is a useless cause to try to understand why others do what they do. It isn’t going to change anything. If the same thing happens to you over and over with women, then you need to look more closely at the types you are attracted to. The world is full of women who are clean-minded and open-hearted and who want a loving home just as much as you do.

Good for you for going to court! You and your daughter deserve so much better. Keep an open mind about your future and look for new friends in new places; in church for instance. We are all handicapped, please remember that. It is just more easy to see it with some than with others. Your wife is handicapped in her heart. She lacks the basic qualities of loyalty and decency that you have. Blessing, Luise


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