Why Is Fairness Seen As Unfair?

Question: Dear Luise: Sruggling to keep a relation with my 3 adult children They say I care to much about step chilren and way to much about my daughter-in-law[wife of stepson]. Youngest daughter changed Christmas Dinner and opening gifts She has everyone going to her home now Normammly Christmas is doe here for all our kids and ther kids Being thr Parents and Grandparents & Great Great Grandparents we always di in our home now daughter has them going to her house we are not invited  MY husbands drive’s long distance over the road If he don;t make it home then I will be all alone The way my daughter set this up I will not get to see any of my grandkids or my other daughter or my son for christmas All because I treat all the stepchildren the same. T.

Answer: Dear T. I think I would go where the roses bloom. If your kids are jealous, I would make their accusations come true and spend my time, efforts and money on my step kids.

Please consider coming over to my Web-forum where the focus in on issues with adult children: www.WiseWomenUnite.com . I think you will find others struggling with similar issues that might give you some support. Blessings, Luise

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