Why Does She Act Like That?

Question: The lady I have been dating for over a year introduces me to her girlfriends as her boyfriend.  When introducing me to her men friends she introduces me as a friend as not to upset them. I have caught her with other men once last summer with a guy in her boat.  I called her cell phone and she looked to see who was calling but would not answer the phone in his presence.  When I confronted her she initially denied it and then had to go as to buy time for an answer.  When she called back she said he was just a “friend” and accused me of spying on her and was upset. She also meets men for drinks and says it is all quite legitimate When were out dancing she will excuse herself to go to the bathroom and come back 45 minutes to an hour later claiming she was just talking to friends or getting a drink.  I don’t know what to think and this is perplexing to me.  Thanks for your advice. B.

Answer: Dear B.: Off the top of my head, I would guess that she is playing you for a fool. I would move on, if I were you. She is showing you by her behavior that she is not in a committed relationship nor does she want one.

There are lots of gals out there who are looking for a nice guy and are more than willing to treat him well. I would suggest you not settle for the crumbs you are being tossed. Blessings, Luise

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