Who Comes First?

Question: if you had a child that loved you to death and then you get a new boyfriend then your dad starts to like him and everything but suddenly after a month going out with that boy he said he couldn’t sleep with you until you and him got married and so you go over to his house every single night your dating him do you pay more attention to your child or your boyfriend? S.

Answer: Dear S.: Your child is your responsibility and your boyfriend is your entertainment, right? For any mother, the child comes first. Even for a young mother, her primary function is bonding with her child. I don’t think that handing him/her off to someone else on a regular basis to go off and play is supportive of the mother/child relationship or of the process of growing up. My guess is you asked because you already know what you’re doing isn’t wise. I hope so. Blessings, Luise

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