Acres Of Motorhomes…Which To Buy

Question: Dear Luise: We’ve been looking at RVs and have found literally acres of motorhomes to choose from close to where we live. So far, the Coachman Motorhomes seem to be calling to us but it’s early days. There are so many features to consider and we’re especially confused about the bathroom layouts. We’d like to ask for some specific information about your experience with both small showers and large bathtubs in RVs. The costlier models have tubs with showers, as you know, but the hot water heaters are small. Are they practical to use? It’s been very helpful, so far, to read your answers about RV issues and we’re learning a lot. Thank you. Ken

Answer: Dear Ken: I suggest that you rent RVs for a while and try out the shower and bathing facilities, as well as noting the different sizes of hot water heaters. That’s the best way to get your feet wet. (Pun intended.)

Personally, I don’t care for any of the RV showers or tubs I’ve used for the very reason you mention, the size of the hot water tanks. What we have done and what we have seen done in countless other RVs that we have visited from time to time in our travels, is to create another clothes closet out of the tub enclosure. I kid you not. You can install one of those telescoping rods the length of the tub and like magic…there’s another, much-needed closet. For that reason alone, many people choose a tub and not a stand-alone shower. They can create a larger, clothes closet that way!

Most of us like long, hot showers. The only place you can get them is in the public bathrooms in the parks. That’s what almost everyone does. But…you may be the exception. I have also known people who prefer their own RV facilities. They get wet and then turn off the water while they use their soap and washcloth. Then, they turn the water back on again, momentarily, for a rinse. The big benefit from that Spartan practice is that they don’t have to leave their RVs. For some, that’s a major factor and they will put up with the obvious inconvenience to gain a convenience they value more highly.

So, why not create a series of adventures renting RVs and performing your own research project? You may not know which category you fall into until you try both.

Then you can return to those acres of motorhomes you have described much better prepared to make a decision. Also, if you get a chance, check out the Coachman Epic, if you haven’t already…it’s a beauty. Blessings, Luise

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