What Is Enlightenment

Question: Dear Luise: I have heard the word enlightenment used often. Could you please give me some an idea what it means? Thank you, Judy

Answer: Dear Judy: That’s a pretty loaded question…since there are probably as many perceptions of what it means as there are people using the term. I take it that you are serious, so I will give it a shot, even though using the dictionary would probably serve you better.

First of all you need to consider where the person that is becoming enlightened is coming from. Do you see that for a small child it might be about learning to tie shoes? Often we equate accomplishment with enlightenment, in such instances. In a New Age application, where is it most commonly used, it is often about spiritual movement upward toward all that is holy. How to “get there from here” has filled countless books, and has been dissected in as many seminars. And certainly you have heard someone say, “Let me enlighten you”. That is primarily about setting you straight on something you seem to not know enough about that makes you appear lacking. There is also the “ta-da’ kind of enlightenment when there is a spontaneous blossoming or burst of knowing that is usually equated with inspiration. If you are personally seeking enlightenment, this isn’t the place. Hit the library and the web, go to church, talk with others, take a class and create your own definition when you feel ready. Blessings, Luise

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