What Would You Do?

Question: Dear Luise: my husband lost his job about 9mounths ago we got kicked of owr home on christmass so we went to his moms house we have a 4yr old son and a 2yr old son the two year old has so many alergys that he sould be living in a bouble and his knows how bad he is she works for his doctor we i kind of told her nabor off because she followed me 2 block down the road said she would harm me and my family over walking in her yard and me and my husband her son got in to an argument so she kicked me, him, and the kids out in the street with no where to go we had to sleep in the car with the baby and she didnt care over something so small and she foun out that it wasnt that bad her self and then said that she wanted her peace and quite back to we have the right to t.be pissed being that it was here first and only grand child what would u do. T.

Answer: Dear T.: You always have the right to be mad. I honestly don’t know what you can do if your mother in law wants her peace and quiet back. It sounds to me like she is using that unfortunate episode as an excuse.

If and when you get someone else to give you a hand, I think you might want to try harder to get along with them and their neighbors. Blessings, Luise


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