What Did I Do Wrong?

Question: Dear Luise:  My oldest daughter hates me. She was never abused, emotionally, physically, or otherwise. She started hating me when she graduated college. We paid her way thru college then helped her till she found a job. Her dad died and she reacted by attacking me, joking about the cremation and it made me so physically ill at the time that I called 911 when she attacked me and filed a R.O. but told her if she ever wanted family therapy- I would pay and be there for every session. She refuses. We have spoken very little since her dad’s death 5 years ago. She acts out against her little sister and is so mean and rude her sister wants to keep her distance now too. What did I do wrong? I intentionally set out to give my kids a loving environment that I didn’t have. My older sister and her husband beat their children regularly -and they are still a close family – their kids do not act hateful toward them. I cannot figure this out. I am heart broken. S.

Answer: Dear S. This is the kind of question I set up my Web forum for; there are so many of us who have serious problems with adult children. Please go to: www.WisewomwnUnite.com

I will interact with you there but/and you will also have the benefit of working with others. Blessings, Luise

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