Why Has She Cut Us Out Of Their Lives?

Question: Dear Luise: Thank you in advance. My problem is that I don’t get to see my grandson.  My daughter-in-law is rude and very controlling with my son.  What makes this worse is my ex-husband has expressed his thoughts out loud around her and that made everything worse. My son has a very bad and non-curable heart problem, so this makes the problem twice as bad for me. I don’t see him and now this special baby. When we do see him it’s so uncomfortable because she just sits and gives my son dirty looks and says nothing to us. I know he is just trying to keep peace in his own family but I really miss him and this beautiful baby. Please help. D.

Answer: What a sad situation. Your son may be creating some level of peace for himself but you are paying a terrible price for the choices he has made in the past and is continuing to make. Often in such situations, the only answer is for you to let go. That’s the most heartbreaking solution a mother/grandmother can ever face.

Please come over to my Web-forum that was designed for women with similar issues. It is at: www.WiseWomenUnite.com . It’s my hope that you will find support there. Blessings, Luise

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