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Question: Dear Luise: My husband and I disagree about something and I would like to know how you would look at it. I belong to an exercise club. They are open for about 12 hours on weekdays and Saturday mornings. They’re closed on Sunday. I pay a monthly fee. Every holiday they close and they close for parades and even our little county fair. They make the same amount every month, of course. We don’t get a reduction when they close. I find it works best for me to have a rhythm to my exercise otherwise I tend to slack off. One day this week they were closed. The sign on the door said there was an emergency. Due to the price of gas I called the next day and was told I could still squeak in but they were closing at 4:30 instead of 7:00 because someone was sick. My husband thinks I shouldn’t have complained. Yet, I never go to drug store or the post office and find it closed because someone is sick. How would you feel about this? Terrie

Answer: Dear Terrie: I would feel exactly as you do. And I would contact the manager and let her know my position.

It’s my hope that you complained in a matter-of-fact way to the person at the desk. She’s probably not paid enough to take any flack. Is it possible that your husband feared the worst regarding how you handled it?

We all know there are true emergencies and most of us have learned how to bend when that happens. It may have been feasible that they had to close the first day, if someone got seriously ill on the job and couldn’t reach anyone to take over. However, by the next day, they should have plugged the gap.

Your point about breaking your stride is well taken. All of us have experienced that syndrome and have paid the price big time. When you contact the owner or manager, make sure you let them know that’s a concern for you. Sometimes they just get careless and are unaware of the customer fall-out. It’s a lot better to hear about dissatisfaction than to see membership drop and not know why. Blessings, Luise

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