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Question: Dear Luise: Have you ever found any good, healthy, weight loss supplements? I know you are not a nutritionist, but you seem to care about having a healthy lifestyle, and as we age our metabolism slows down. Have you ever tried any healthy weight loss supplements that work and won’t do more damage than good? If so what was your experience in taking them. I just can’t seem to loose 20 pounds that have crept on since I turned 55. Thank you, Michelle

Answer: Dear Michelle: Ah, those nasty 20 pounds, I know them well. I think it is true that the closer we get to our ideal weight, the more tenacious they become. My sister anguished over 5 pounds that came and went for most of her adult life. Her son once congratulated her on losing 250 pounds because he had noted 50 announcements she made over a period of years that the 5 were gone at last! We belong to a very large club when we decide our weight is off, and we’re usually right.

I have found the work of nutritionist Ann Louise Gittleman to be the most helpful avenue for me. It may or may not be for you. Her website: is the most comprehensive I have found for a sensible weight loss program. You can get her book The Fat Flush Plan without having to invest much to see if it appeals to you. She offers a broad spectrum of support from a carefully laid-out fasting plan to supportive supplements. She also offers a forum so you can interact with others, if that’s something that would serve you.

I have learned a lot about organic foods and what the preservatives, hormones and antibiotics in prepared foods do to my system by reading and re-reading her book. She offers a protein shake powder that is the purest I have found. What I do when the pounds creep up, is to use her fasting plan and then follow it up with two shakes a day with a protein based salad or soup for my third meal until I get myself back in line. I have to admit that I add yogurt and fruit to the shakes but they still work!

I have learned that all of the above is useless unless I exercise for 45 minutes three or more times a week. There are many ways to do this but I need structure and company…so I go to Curves. Exercise also reduces cholesterol, fights bone loss and is shown to be effective against heart disease and diabetes. I firmly believe we need more than good, healthy weight loss supplements. Diet and exercise are the rest of the equation. Blessings, Luise

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