We Miss Our Grandson

Question: My son and dtr in law got married and had a son.  My son was in the army and my dil had to leave my son, due to issues, with my 2 month grandson. she didn’t go home to her morther’s she came home to me.  Its now been 2 yrs and my son has been home for 1 yr and they have terrible fights.  My husband and I have been taking care of our grandson most of the time.  Well things came to a head and we asked them both to leave due to the tension and drama.  My dil said that we would never see m=our grandson again and my son is nowliving in the street.  We have tired very day to see our grandson and our dil won’t answer us.  Can we get an attorney to demand visitation?  We want to be involved with our grandson. T.

Answer: Dear T.: The laws vary regarding grandparents rights and you would need to see an attorney to find out what they are where you live.

There is also the problem that the unwilling parent can convince a child to reject a grandparent if she wants to. You might want to also talk to a child psychologist about the situation. You deserve so much better and so does the child. Blessings, Luise


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