Our Volvo Station Wagon Is a Dog House

Question: Dear Luise: We are seniors and love to take our Champion Beagles in our doggie-modified, Volvo station wagon to enter them in dog shows. Even though we enjoy traveling, we’ve pretty much stuck to our home state. Now we’re thinking we’d like to expand and get even more involved nation-wide. Do you know of anyone who uses a motorhome for this purpose, and could this be a tax write-off? Just curious…we know you’re not the IRS and can’t give legal advice. We are wondering, though, do you have any firsthand knowledge? Thanks, Carla and Steve

Answer: Dear Carla and Steve: There’s nothing more interesting than seniors with an active hobby. Not only is it a wonderful way to stay busy and young…but yours lends itself very well to travel.

I met a retired couple last year that are doing exactly what you are suggesting. They have a park model trailer right up the road from me in my camping club. That’s where they spend their summers, attending dog shows from their home base. Then, come fall, they take off in their motohome to enter the dog shows of their choice across the country. I don’t know how much of their travel expenses they are able to write off but someone in your dog club would know.

They tow a large SUV and it, too, is loaded with all kinds of doggie stuff. Many trophies and ribbons adorn their trailer and they are really interesting people to visit with. Their dogs, Champion Samoyedes, are absolutely beautiful.

Have you ever thought about taking your dogs to visit at any elderly care facilities? If so, that kind of opportunity could expand if you were traveling from city to city. It’s wonderful to watch how the presence of a dog can bring a sparkle to the eye of a former dog owner…bringing memories that are often shared to enjoyment of all.

Be prepared to make new friends if you decide to hit the circuit with your portable, Volvo doghouse in tow. Many couples caravan from show to show together and become close friends due to their common interest. Dog lovers are a “special breed”! Blessings, Luise

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