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Question: Dear Luise: What should I do if I feel stuck in life? I’ve been out of high school for a year now. I enrolled for college right after I graduated but soon realized that I was only doing it for my dad and college just isn’t for me. So I dropped out before even starting. I got a job soon after as a caregiver. I’m doing good, but I can’t help but feel stuck. Sure I’m okay now but I know I won’t have this job for life nor do I want to. So then what? Everyones pressuring me to go to school or atleast take a training program, but there is nothing I’m truly interested in. I’ve been wanting to do overseas volunteer work for a bit now. Should I go for it and see what comes out of that. A.

Answer: Dear A.: it is often hard to listen to your own drummer and I commend you for that. If being a care giver resonates with you, I would suggest the possibility of some further training in that field before you enter overseas volunteer work…which by the way, may well be your answer.

The only reason I am suggesting further training is that you sound to me like a person with a lot of potential. Becoming more skilled just offers you the opportunity to express yourself at a level that will demand more of you and possibly bring you more satisfaction in life. Blessings, Luise

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