How Can I Best Use my Astrological Reading

Question: Dear Luise: I was born on 14 April, 1969 at 3:15am in Harare, Zimbabwe. An astrologer has told me that a very important transit is about to happen in my life that will not happen again for a very long time. My question is: would you know what I can do and how I can make the most of this very important time in my life? Best wishes and regards Tracey

Answer: Dear Tracey: Getting an astrological reading is an interesting experience, isn’t it? I know that a lot of people find getting them helpful. If you can afford to do it, it’s also very enlightening to go to several different astrologers close to the same time to learn how many different interpretations there can be to the same data.

That said, I think your greatest tool after getting a reading is awareness. We all tend to go from task to task and event to event in our lives with our focus on doing whatever needs to be done. Awareness asks more of us.

Take a step back with a new tool, like a journal. Start watching yourself experiencing your life on a daily basis by noting at the beginning of the day what you expect and at the end of the day what actually happened and how you handled it. How did you feel? Were your needs met? Did you contribute to others? Were you stopped anywhere along the way? Did any of the astrological predictions show up in the pattern of your day? The more questions you ask yourself the better.

When you do that, options start to surface. As you look more closely at your conduct, you have an opportunity to notice where you are going and why. Then, too, a chance to make changes can be addressed. We can all get so programmed that it doesn’t make much difference what might be offered to us by the universe or even the stars because we plod along, looking down, and totally miss the point. Blessings, Luise

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