We’re Looking At Used 5th Wheels Due To Limited Funds

Question: Dear Luise: We want to buy a 5th wheel RV for sale by owner or one of the used 5th wheels we’ve seen on the dealer’s lots. Here’s our question: when you don’t buy new, and have no guarantees, where do you find or how do you get good quality maintenance? We have been taking care of our elderly parents and are just now getting freed-up to travel after finding assisted living for them. The whole process has depleted our funds and has put us in the situation of needing to buy used. Pat

Answer: Dear Pat: Bless your hearts for putting first things first. And…now it’s your turn. Please know that a carefully purchased, used RV can be a “many splendored thing”. Take your time. Good buys are out there in both of the markets you mentioned.

As you are looking, ask about maintenance and keep asking. Private owners, dealers, friends…ask anyone and everyone you run across that is RV-connected for recommendations regarding maintenance and repair. If you plan on using a camping club for storage and off-season fun, ask in the office and check with your in-park neighbors. In most camping clubs there are usually one or two on-site maintenance and repair specialists and usually their reputations are known far and wide.

We used one man for fifteen years who owned a RV parts store and offered mobile RV repair. It was so wonderful to know that he could fix anything and would never overcharge us. When we moved to a camping club closer to home, we had to start over. Not an easy thing to do. We found someone who was far from truthful and another guy who was way overpriced and even a clown who didn’t know what he was doing. Frustrating.

Word-of-mouth is the best way to go. Then, when you find someone you can call and know that the problem will be solved as quickly and reasonably as possible, stick with him. Be as loyal as you can. Send business his way. Make it a two-way street.

Handy people are way ahead of the game. I know RVers who always do all of their maintenance and repair themselves. The rest of us are human! Blessings. Luise

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