Storing Our Zeppelin Travel Trailer

Question: Dear Luise: We have a lovely, lightweight, Zeppelin travel trailer. We would like to know where and how you store your RV when you don’t have it on the road? We are not allowed to park ours at our home because of covenants and restrictions. We presently have it in locked storage but that’s pretty pricey. What’s your experience? Ted

Answer: Dear Ted: I had to look the Zeppelin travel trailer up on the web because I’m not familiar with it. What a beauty! I agree with you that covered RV storage is costly. However, sometimes it’s a wise decision to use that method to protect your investment. I also agree that they can look pretty tacky alongside a house, even the nicest ones.

We haven’t had this problem because we store ours in the Port Susan Camping Club not far from our home. The memberships aren’t cheap so the cost makes a storage unit look like a good deal, but it gives us year-round use and we really enjoy that. There’s something about a stored, deserted RV that brings tears to our eyes!

At one time we looked seriously for a campground resort for sale. What a great way to store you own rig! But we decided that we were too old to take one on, after doing a little research, and didn’t want to be absentee owners. So much for that idea!

People building their own homes are starting to provide a large garage area for covered parking of their RVs. I don’t know if you have any plans in that direction or not. It gives you an extra on-site guest room with easy packing and unpacking. In addition, units that are stored inside last a lot longer and have fewer problems.

Unless one of the ideas I’ve offered would work for you, I think you are presently doing the wisest, and most practical thing to protect your Zeppelin travel trailer. Blessings, Luise

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