Any Serious Medical Emergencies in Your Toyota Sunrader Motorhome

Question: Dear Luise: This question may be too personal and you may not want to answer it, but it would help us to know if you and your husband ever faced a serious medical emergency a long way from home when you were traveling in your Toyota Sunrader Motorhome? If so, how did you deal with that and what changes did you make as a result of your experience? Thanks, Greta

Answer: Dear Greta: I don’t mind answering that question if it would benefit someone else. Yes, we did have just such an experience and it did influence us greatly.

We were parked on the Pacific Ocean at the Shorewood RV Park in Rockaway Beach, Oregon, when Val started to feel ill. That was ten years ago and he was 84 at the time. I’m a nurse so I started watching him like a hawk, of course. I gave him some chicken soup, (the cure for all ills, right?) He immediately got much worse…so I rushed him to E.R. fearing a gallbladder attack. And it was.

He actually had gangrene of the common bile duct to the liver, as well. The doctor on call in the Tillamook Hospital was one of the top five surgeons in Oregon, (talk about luck), and he told me Val would probably not make it. Well, he walked out of there, a new man, and not feeling nearly so rocky, (pun intended.)

One thing that came out of all of that was a huge wave of gratitude and he made a donation to the hospital. Another thing that evolved was such a feeling of mutual joy that we decided to spend the money we’d saved up for his funeral and go on a cruise to celebrate. I’m serious! And we did!

We took a six-day cruise through the locks on the Columbia River all the way from Portland, Oregon to Lewiston, Idaho…booking a suite so we could do it up right! It’s something we never regretted and Val says he’s still around because we haven’t yet saved up another next egg to replace the one we blew!

How it changed things, is we stopped, at our family’s request, traveling out of state. We still wandered…but we no longer crossed the country or even the state line again. It seemed wise and the family was greatly relieved.

Not that we neglected out Toyota Sunrader, no way. And we found enough close to home in our beautiful Washington State of keep us on the streets, not off! Blessings, Luise

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