Have You Seen The Rampage 5th Wheel Toy Hauler or the Sandpiper Toy Hauler Travel Trailer

Question: Dear Luise: Reading your website regularly, I don’t really see you off and running with a Rampage 5th Wheel Toy Hauler or a Sandpiper Toy Hauler Travel Trailer in tow, but do you have any information about the use of such vehicles? We have two teenagers we have to keep busy if we want them to go RVing with us. Do you think toy haulers are here to stay, as far as holding their value goes, or a passing fancy? Thanks, Cliff

Answer: Dear Cliff: Boy am I glad I went to the Port Susan Camping Club RV Show last year or I would be scrambling all over the web trying to find out what the heck you were talking about. I didn’t even know what toy hauler travel trailers were and had to ask about “that backless RV”! I believe the one I toured was a Wildcat Toy Hauler Travel Trailer, but don’t quote me on that. I just stood there with my mouth open trying to figure it out!

So, your take on me is absolutely correct. I have teenage great grandchildren and am far, far removed from the dirt bike, snowmobile, water sled generation. However, before I learned to tow my pickup behind my motorhome, I hauled a small, motorbike on my front bumper. I can tell you right now that inside storage and a ramp would have been wonderful. It was very hard to lift it up into the bracket and remove it again, and after a day’s travel it was covered with road scum, even though I tried to protect it. Without the motorbike, I had no transportation once I got my rig set up in a park. As everyone knows, you don’t get all hooked up and then head back to town without thinking about it for quite a while. I didn’t even have automatic levelers! Also, some parks are very large, and it may be miles, literally, from your site to the clubhouse.

Talking with my favorite RV dealer, I have learned that if you have a used toy hauler travel trailer or toy hauler 5th wheel to trade in or even if you want to sell it yourself in the RV Trader, you currently have a much sought-after unit. They lose value in the Blue Book sense, like all vehicles do, but supply and demand has you in a good negotiating position.

I have not been inside a Rampage Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler or a Sandpiper Toy Hauler Travel Trailer but I have no doubt they are just as nice as their kiss’en cousin, the Wildcat. “You pays your money and you takes your choice”. Have fun keeping those kids happy and stay kids yourselves for as long as you can! Blessings, Luise

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