I’m Interested in Helping Others

Question: Dear Luise: I am interested in helping u with your quest. u are doing such a GREAT thing. I have a group web site for mentally ill if u want to chewck it out go to www.bipolar4lifesupport.com i have agaoraphobia (trouble leaving the house) i would like to volunteer any way possible i have a medical asst. licence and i am now taking a human resource managemnt college course from home. please get back to me i also volunteer for NAMI but i havent been able to get out so i am getting very low about it i cant do their wallks anymore due to my OA ok ty for your time j.

Answer: Dear J.: Thank you for your offer. It sounds like you are doing good work in spite of personal difficulties. My hat is off to you. I hope those who need you will find you and if this posting helps, I’m glad we were able to work together in this way.  Blessings, Luise

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