I Recently Had My Third Heart Attack

Question: Dear Luise: I recently had my third heart attack I am only 44yrs old, I am scared that I will die and as i look after my disabled wife and work 50hrs a week i am worried what will happen, all of this is worrying me even more. how can i cope with the thought of death. My father died when he was 48yrs when he had a heart attack. My step dad recently died of cancer and a close friend died on the same day when he had a heart attack. A.

Answer: Dear A.: It is pretty hard to pull back when you have so much on your plate but I am sure your cardiologist has told you to do just that. There are measures that can be taken to put the odds in your favor. Otherwise, the stress you are under could be lethal. The family history doesn’t have to be your fate. Find out what you can do and then make it your priority. Be proactive and it may radically reduce your thoughts of death.

In my own family, my father in law died of a stroke, my husband died of a stroke and my eldest son died of a stroke. My surviving son (56) altered his diet, exercise and life style and has changed the family history as a result. Blessings, Luise


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