Can they Take My child Away?

Question: Dear Luise: i have a situation, me and my husband are some what separated now and i took my daughter back from my in-laws because he abused me and my mother-in-law said i deserved it if not why it would happen. So they want me to let them see my daughter and i banned them from seeing her because i don’t see what rights they have after all they have done. The father is threatening to put me to court if i deny him of his rights but i don’t think he have any rights if he abuse me from time to time. my daughter stayed there over nights when i work and i take her back when im off but i pay her to do so. Do they have the right to take my child back from me? Please help! H.

Answer: Dear H.: You need legal advice about this. I’m not an attorney. Check and see where you can get free legal help…like Legal Aid, for instance. It’s very important that you find an advocate, so you know what your rights are and how you can defend yourself and your daughter. Also, please come over to my web-forum if you’d like to and share this with the women there. They might be able to help. Blessings, Luise

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