They Say It’s Their Money

Question: Dear Luise: I am a single mother of four. Two are older from a different marriage. Their father left when they were eleven and eight. Girl and boy. They are now 23 and 20. Their father owed seven thousand dollars in back child support. He has finally paid. My children think this money should be theirs. They treat me terrible and very disrespectful. They are both on their own. I have two young girls that are six and three. I am raising them alone now as well. My children believe that this money will be used on them. Does it ready matter anymore since I already raised them without help from their father? It’s causing problems that I dont want. I have always provided and cared for them. When I buy something. They say I am using their money. What do I say or do? I feel I have lost my older  children over all this. They are now speaking with their father that left them. he also tells them this money belongs to them. J.

Answer: Dear J.: You have just been repaid money you had to come up with to raise your children because your husband was negligent. It was owed to you and what you do now that the debt has been repaid is none of their business. Your children are refusing to see that your husband was negligent by not paying it on time. And he, of course, is supporting that. If they are causing an issue over this…bowing to their demands isn’t going to change anything since they will only take what isn’t theirs and probably grumble that you owe them interest. Tell them to ask an attorney. They are way off base here. Blessings, Luise

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