It Feels Like the Stress Will Destroy Us

Question: Dear Luise: Our son that is 44 years old has hated me and his dad all his life, when he was very young he told sad stories to relatives and others in order to gain sympathy, when he become older his stories grew.  I give up a long time ago that he would ever change. He married a woman that contributed to his sickness, she believed his stories. Together him and the woman picked out one of their children to target so the child was treated like we were to the extent DHS got involved.  In our son’s mind he is succesful, he is upstanding, he craves an image, everyone else is trash.  We are well respected people that live a good life, we give him all we could afford to give yet even now he will come by and insult us, I am getting to the point I worry that the stress will destroy us if we don’t stop his visits.  I no longer care for him. A.

Answer: Dear A. It may be time to end the relationship if your health is being affected. No one is going to protect you if you don’t protect yourselves.

Please come over to my Web-forum where you can discuss this and get some support and direction. It is at: . Blessings, Luise

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