The DMV Won’t Help Me At All

Question: Dear Luise: I bought a 1969 Traveleze travel trailer from this lady and she got it from a guy but she never had it signed in her name. She in the process lost the pink slip and she wrote me a bill of sale. I went to DMV and they said that she did not actually own and the original owner have moved to a different state Unknown and the DVM will not help me at all. It is very irritating to go there several times with no Luck. C.

Answer: Dear C.: The DMV system attempts to reduce the chance of theft. In the process, it often defeats proof of ownership on vintage units. People get careless, don’t transfer title and then, down the line; others buy with a Bill of Sale only. All that can be done then, that I know of, is to stay off the road and use it is a park or in your yard.

Before you give up, you can try using paint remover, rust remover and fine sand paper to see if the VIN is imprinted on the tongue. If you can find that, you may be able to move forward. Blessings, Luise


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