Thank You, Luise

Question: Dear Luise: It’s a wonder in our society how we lose sight of the fact that our elders possess valuable wisdom about life, if we will listen long enough to take it in. Thanks for all your careful and compassionate sharing. You enrich the lives of those you touch. M.

Answer: Dear M.: Thank you for those kind words. How wonderful to be living in the age of the World Wide Web where sharing can be so economical and global.

Sometimes the people who write to me already know the answer and just want some positive feedback and at other times they don’t even seek an answer, they just want to be heard.

I can remember times in my long life, (I’m 82 years old), when being validated or just heard would have made a huge difference…and there were other times when I really didn’t have a clue and would have given anything for a fresh perspective.

That’s what I do…I put myself in the writer’s place as best I can and try to treat the inquiry as though we were sitting over a cup of tea.

I call my site Mom Responds because it is my heart that I offer. Blessings, Luise

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