Why Does He Text Women With Me by His Side

Question: Dear Luise: Should I feel the way I feel when my partner texts other women on myspace.com (and other sites) all night long on his computer while I am lying in bed next to him? D.

Answer: Dear D. It is a sad truth that many immature men, like young boys, prefer fantasy to reality. That is OK for pre-adolescents but not for grown men. Most such men simply do not have the ability to grow up sexually…to perform, adjust, consider others and function in an adult way in the adult world.

It’s up to you if you want to stay with someone of that caliber. He isn’t going to change. He likes things to be non-threatening and non-competitive and probably thinks it’s none of your business. I would guess that he has no idea he’s being childish or fearful. Talk (texting) is cheap and requires nothing of him except pretending he’s a man without having to prove it.

Some women think any guy is better than no guy at all. If that’s the case with you, roll over and sleep though it. If he isn’t what you thought he was and you want more, move on. Blessings, Luise

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