Son Won’t Speak To Me

Question: Dear Luise: My son who is 38 and married almost 3 years now told me at his wedding that he was no longer going to speak to me.i raised him and his brother and sister as I widow, they were 4,5, and 10 when my husband son and I were as close as you can get, I idolized him and he was a great kid,smart kind atheletic…the whole package.during his 4th year of college he met his now wife,she just happened to be from our hometown also, I knew from the beginning there was someyhing I did not like about her but I only discussed this with my parents and sisters who told no one, about 6 months into his relationship with her he called me from college about midnight crying, he said he broke up with her and proceded to tell me that she was controlling,bold,too confident and other things that he did not like about her, I was so happy he finally saw the light with her and I told him that everything he just sais was what I had been thinking since they met….well he called me the next day and said they were back together and I just about died….it has been hell ever since for me…she has manipulated and controlled him ever since,she was snotty and unkind to me and my family, she would not come to any of our gatherings( we are a big, very close Italian family) she always had excuses…so much more to story…to make it shorter I did voice my displeasure about her but she never once tried to like me and left me out of all wedding plans and told me what I was going to do even though I had no money for her expensive taste…she comes from a wealthy family and I told my son I only had so much to give for the wedding, I was left off the invitation to the wedding and her mom cut people off  my guest list, I was told what restaurant the rehersal dinner was being given in and it was really expensive….I big mess…well he is not speaking to me for 3 years now and my granddaughter is due in april, they moved across the country because she said she would not live in ohio, they are both doctors of physical therapy and could live anywhere…I miss him so much it is killing me. V.

Answer: Dear V.: Please come over to the Website I have created for women enperiencing what you describe. We are at:

Blessings, Luise

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