Son Hates Me

Question: Dear Luise: I have been married for 18 years but we’ve been together since I was18 and I’m 43 now. We have 2 sons 22yrs and 20yrs. We’ve been very close family, recently however I ended my marriage as things have changed during the last 6 years. Not much affection from my husband, so I’ve moved out and staying with friends. I have met a new man, and my eldest son found out, he now hates me, ignores me and is generally unkind. I’ve told him I can’t pretend things are ok with his dad just for his sake!! It’s breaking my heart, what should I do? Push for him to try and understand or leave things as they are? S.

Answer: Dear S.: What I have learned from going through a very similar experience is that our kids, whether classified as adults or not, don’t much care if was we happy of not, they usually just want the familiar and the comfortable.

Please come over to the Web-forum I have created for those of us that have issues with adult children and extended families. I have found that more is needed than a question and answer venue. What works best is a community of supportive, understanding women who care and are willing to share. We are at: Blessings, Luise

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