Son and Daughter-in-law

Question: Dear Luise: my daughter-in-law has not liked me from the first day we met. no matter what i do or dont do its wrong. she and i have had many words via texts and facebook, and we have not had contact for 4 mos. my son and i use to be so close, and now he wants notheing to do w me. she has warped his mind, and the whole family sees it if that helps you at all. they have twin 1 yr old boys. we never get to see them and they live 5 minutes from us. i can deal with not having a relationship w her, and even my son, if this is how he wants it, but i love my grandsons and miss them. the boys 1 yr birthday is in 3 weeks, and i know that we will not be invited to a party, so how would you advise us to get the gifts to the boys and maybe steal a hug and kiss or two? this whole mess has been going on ever sence she came into our family 3 yrs ago. my son dated another gal for 7 yrs prior to this girl, and he and i always had a decent relationship. please help. Thanks. B.

Answer: Dear B.: About three years ago, I realized that my question and answer venue wasn’t enough when addressing the complex marriage and family issues women often have to face. Continued dialogue and community support offer more benefit. My Web-forum at , where women can be heard and often heal, is the result. I am very active there. Please come over if you are interested. Blessings, Luise




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