So Sorry You’ve Been Ill

Question: Dear Luise,I sent U some very difficult questions a few days ago.I  am SO SORRY to hear U R ill. When we give and Give as Much as our heart wants and desires to it can sure take a toll on our health. I have been placed in the psychologist counselor roll ALL of my life. I have Loved it and have tryed to use my gifts the way God wants to me by trying to Help others with my Spiritual Discernment.I have also PAID a VERY heavy price at times for having my gifts but I just keep going. I have to answer to God NOT people which took me a Very LONG time to realize this and get to this point of Security and self-esteem. Please get well Very Soon and know that alot of people Need and want U in their lives. Please let us know when U R feeling better? Prayers and the appreciation and Best of Everything. SO MANY questions and Heartache in this life? Take Good care of yourself. E.

Answer: Dear E.: Thank you so much for your consideration. Please resubmit your questions and I will get to them as soon as I can. Every day I feel a little better. Blessings, Luise


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