My Snoring Neighbor Keeps Me Awake

Question: Dear Luise: I live in low-income, HUD, housing that is poorly insulated. A lady I already like a lot has moved into the unit next door but she snores very loudly. Our bedrooms are back to back and because the rooms are so small, our beds have to be against a common wall. I know if I complain to management, nothing will be done and I will wish I hadn’t. It would be costly to move and it might put me next to people that fight or something, so that seems like a foolish solution. The problem is, I’m losing a lot of sleep. I’ve tried earplugs but they don’t do the job. My couch is a love seat and too short to sleep on. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks in advance. Chris P.

Answer: Dear Chris: It sounds like you have given this problem some serious thought. I would, too, if I liked my new neighbor and felt that it might be the lesser of two evils to stay put. It’s too bad you don’t trust management because it really is their problem. However, sometimes we don’t get the best support when we need it the most. I think you are wise to face the music, (pun intended,) alone, if going to the manager might make things worse.

So, here you are “Sleepless in HUD Housing”. The lady is how she is and your manager is useless. If it were me, I think I would go to a building materials place and price their 4’ x 8’, sheets of insulation board. They used to be really cheap, but I know that term has become relative. I would stack them three deep, on end, behind my headboard all along that wall, taping them together with masking tape. That should dampen down the midnight music of logs being sawed on the other side. You would not be actually tampering with the wall, right? I would then buy an inexpensive “white sound” machine. Most of them allow you to dial rain, ocean waves, wind, etc. A comforting sound can do a really good job of covering up sounds that aren’t so comforting. Since earplugs don’t work for you, I would consider putting something over my ears, like a soft headband or two with some cotton underneath, in a nothing-ventured-nothing-gained act of faith. I’d also be very careful not to discuss this with anyone else, in a serious attempt to keep it from getting back to my new neighbor. Oh, yes…and after I had tucked my first good night’s sleep under my belt, I’d take myself out to eat and celebrate how clever, tricky and resourceful I was. Blessings, Luise

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  1. D. October 13, 2009 at 7:47 am #

    I have the same problem, but unfortunately I don’t feel that this advise solves anything. The problem is with the snoring neighbor and you should not have to spend your money on material, cover your ears in an uncomfortable way and have to live with a sound machine. Moving is also not a solution, because you can’t just move anytime you have a problem with the neighbor. My neighbor does not seem like a friendly guy, and I am actually afraid of his reaction if I give him a note. If you like your neighbor, you could possibly share with her your concern, and tell her the benefits of her getting rid of snoring. It may actually be a life threatening condition, and if she deals with it, she herself could get a better night sleep and be happier. D.

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