Shouldn’t She Aplolgize?

Question: Dear Luise: Recently about 4 months ago,Me & my mother-in-law had an argument & that actually happened in our car after me,my husband including our daughter went over  to pick her up from her house.And before we had to leave,as she was starting to put something in our car,she accidently closed the trunk the wrong way.So,i made a respectful comment to my husband while his mother was outside & the comment that i had made to  my husband,(That i hope she is careful with the trunk)since our car was (New).So,when she was about to come into the car,of all people, my husband had to (Blirt out)to his mother about the comment i had made about the trunk.Then after we had left,she started making  very smart, very disrespectful & mean comments about  me in front our daughter in which was not very acceptable &( not true),So the only thing i had to do is to (Defend)myself & my husband just sat there & said nothing:except telling us to (Stop).So,i decided to take her back home & since then we haven’t spoken since this tift. Back then me & my mother-in-law did have a good relationship & (Etc;)And as she has mention to my husband that she wants me to appollogize to her.But,actually she should appollogize to me.Honestly,i clearly need your advice & what should i do? C.

Answer: Dear C.: The primary person I see to blame is your husband. He needs to apologize to you for violating what was obviously a confidence. He’s an adult and he should have known better. Then he needs to apologize to his mom for saying something he knew would hurt her feelings and cause trouble.

To clear the air you should also apologize to your MIL for being so picky and she, too, needs to apologize to you for over-reacting and acting like a child. There were no adults present. Everyone needs to face that fact and stop blaming everyone else. Blessings, Luise


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