Should My Husband Help His Son

Question: My husband told his son to move out of our second home we were renting to him for a couple hundred bucks.  He, his pregant girlfriend and their 5 year old child lived there for 6 months.  During this time the son went to tech school and finished which was great only he never had a job during this time.  His girlfriend is pregnant and did have a job but it ended a couple of months ago.  The house has a spare bedroom which we use for our company throughout the year.  The son told my hasband that is his son’s bedroom and he pays rent to live there.  That was not the agreement.  He was renting a bedroom and could use the extra bedroom when we did’nt use it.  This caused a huge argument between my husband and his son and it led to the son and his family needed to get out.  They left and the son told my husband that their father-son relationship is over.  The question is should my husband help his son and to what extent. L.

Answer: Dear L.: This is the kind of question that I feel is better answered by multiple perspectives. Please come over to my Web-forum where we have a community of women who help each other work out difficult issues involving adult children and extended families. You will find us at: . I hope to see you there. Blessings, Luise


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