Should I Take Legal Action

Question: Dear Luise: I am in the process of divorce right now, and it so painful for me that my child is taken away from me emotionally.

I’ve decided to left him and file for a divorce because of his emotional and verbal abuse, we are not been physically together for a year now, and our son is living with him, and everytime I visit my son, I feel he is so distant, and the father tells my son that your mother hates me, and so on.

As a 5 yr. old kid, I know he understands what that meant and can feel pain, and I am sure, confused of what’s going on between us, that his father only tells him how bad I am as a person with all the hate I feel inside for him.

I know this is not healthy for my son, do you think I should take legal actions on this matter? Hope you can help me with this one. Thank you. J.

Dear J.: I would talk to a child psychologist about the situation before I saw an attorney. It may only confuse your son further if you make a liar out of his dad. (Which he obviously is.) Your son and you deserve so much better but you want to be careful not to make things worse. Blessings, Luise


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