Should I Move On?

Question: Dear Luise: been dating this guy for a year now, we are not together. He introduce me to his sisters and other family memebers, but he still hasnt introduce me to his parents. I need your help and advice. What should i do. I like the guy very much. But how do i know he really even wants to be with me? I ask him once where did he stand or what where his intention with me. He did answer what i wanted to hear. But up to now, he still hasnt ask me to be with him or not even to meet his parents. I had to let it out to someone. But i still dont know if i should move own? Should i ask? should i confront him about how i feel ?? I dont want to scare the guy away. S.

Answer: Dear S.: You have already let him know how you feel and you two just aren’t on the same page. He is sending you the message that he isn’t interested not matter what he tells you when you ask. You deserve a lot better than that. Move on. The guy you want is the one who can’t wait to make it official and take you home to show you off. Blessings, Luise

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  1. S. February 20, 2011 at 5:25 am #

    What do you mean by together, living together? Married? He’s introduced you to his siblings but not his parents, perhaps the parents had a falling out with him, maybe they embarrass him? It feels like the question doesn’t have enough info, do the parents live locally or hours away? I’m all curious now. S.

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