Should I Let Him Do It

Question: i want to have sex with a boy who wants to have sex with me but i dont no if i should and i need to no wut to do i would do it but im in the 6th grade and he is in the 10th he was goin to go to the movies with me and i could tell my parents i could go with my bff and wen they left we could go to a back country road in his car and he would show me how it feels to be loved we already kissed and he felt my but but it felt so werd and i dont no wut to do HELP. E.

Answer: Dear E.: Good for you for asking another person what she thinks. That shows you are smarter than most and care about what happens to you.

Here’s what worries me; guys in the 10th grade won’t even talk to girls in the 9th grade. I’m pretty sure that any guy who is in the 10th grade and wants to mess with a girl in the 6th grade is not much of a person.

This situation is one of those things that you can’t see from an overview. Not until you’re much older and know where such a choice took you by looking back. It probably looks like an adventure at this time. The unknown can seem exciting and the dangers there can be carefully hidden.

If I were you, I wouldn’t trust the guy or his offer and I would create my own adventures with my own friends…ones that are safer. You can only throw your life away once…and you can’t get it back.

Love yourself…be kind to yourself…asking me your question shows you can do it. Blessings, Luise

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