Should I Let Go?

Question: Dear Luise: Hello, and thank you for sharing your site. my son is 23 years old and his wife now will not let me know where they live, prior to this when I would go over there house she would always meet me at door, and tell me my son was sleeping, she never wants me and my son to just be “mom and son” a few months ago I smelt a foul oder on my son, but did’nt say any thing, and when I seen and hugged him again I smelt it again only this time, it was so bad and smelt like death. I do believe his wife is slowly poisoning him, but him being of age and trusting her on everything. It seems there is nothing I can do but pray.  Because I did say to him I believe your wife is poisoning you. Since she has done some bad things to my 3 yr old grandson from birth I have cared for him off and on since he has been born. And now the longest time has been caring for him now for over 6 months. If I ask my son to please come and watch his son, so I can go to the dr. etc. she won’t let him. should I just let go, and wait for his eyes to be open. C.

Answer: Dear C.: There’s no way to tell what that odor is because it could be one of hundreds of things. Your son has made some poor choices and he may or may not eventually take responsibility for the consequences. In the meantime, you can’t change him or the circumstances. Yes, wait, and do the best you can with your grandchild who is probably much better off with you. Focus on that even though it is very hard to accept what’s going on. Blessing, Luise

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