Now She’s Refusing to Divorce Him

Question: Dear Luise: Me and my lover are very close. We have every thing perfect, but he is already married and has 1 daughter of 7 years. He don’t have any terms with his wife for last 1 and half year. He want a divorce. Firstly she was agree as her behavior was very bad with him but now denying do give just to make him trouble. We love each other very much. What should I do? Due to this we are very much tensed. It’s difficult to live without him. Please help me. S.

Answer: Dear S.: There is very little you can do. It is up to them to work it out, one way or the other.
It is their marriage and their daughter. You are not part of any of that.

I don’t know where you live or what the laws are there, but where I live if one person wants a divorce, the other can’t stop it from happening.

This is one of those situations that is very difficult for everyone involved, including his little girl. You have no choice that I can see, except to wait it out. Blessings, Luise

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