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Question: Dear Luise: i wonder if you could help me, me and my partner are young parents and we have recantly started getting abussive messages from his mother (online an through text) because we arent willing to let her see our son after a few incidents regarding his safety that took place while he was stayng there for the night, i have always been very respectful towards her but she is unable to addmit she is in the wrong and tells people we know stories about us. she is now stating that my partner is my “prop” and i am twisted and an unfit mother, she has stated that being on depression tablets means i am unfit and has called me an alcoholic on a number of occasions (i used to enjoy a drink but since i became pregnant i drink rarely when my son is at his other grans overnight) she i now proposing she will take us to court for access to my son and as we dont have any solid evidence and she has many (quite dishonest) people tricked into believing her stories i am worried that she might actually win a case against us, as they woud lie in court for her. the rest of her family is on our side but i dont think they would stand up in court against her. i am just very worried about my son and dont want anymore harm to come to him. please could yo give me some advise. thanks M.

Answer: Dear M.: I would see an attorney and perhaps get a restraining order.

Some people go over the wall over grandchildren and need help to get back into reality. She probably needs counseling and doesn’t know it.

Your job is to protect your own. There is no understanding people like that because they don’t make sense. Others will soon figure out that she is way off and probably disregard her aberrations.

You may also want to come over to the Web-forum I created for women with issues with adult children and extended families. You would be part of a community there and would receive multiple perspectives, not just mine. We are at: www.Wise . Blessings, Luise

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