She Says, “Mom, I’ll Take Care Of It.”

Question: My 20 year old daughter who is now living with her boyfriend in another state-who doesn’t call me because according to her boyfriends’ call to me 8 months ago, “I stress her out”.  The reality is that my daughter has accumulated bills, traffic tickets that she didn’t pay (her drivers license has been revoked due to non-payment of tickets)and now (as I still get her mail here as she doesn’t have a “real” address)I see that her car insurance hasn’t been paid (yes I opened it).  It is due to terminate in a few days. Of course, the protective mother in me wants to pay the $80.00 to keep up her insurance, but my practical side tells me that until she hits rock bottom she will never become a financially responsible adult. I did stress her as I often had asked if she wanted me to help her pay her tickets.  She had always told me, no Mom, I’ll take care of it. What do I do?  My own mom (and my friend) has passed away a year ago.  I do not speak with my ex husband and he doesn’t speak to me either.  I need guidance. J.

Answer: Dear J.: Your problem would be better handled by my Web-forum where you will get multiple perspectives and long-term support. Please come over to: I hope to see you there. Blessings, Luise

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