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Question: Dear Luise: My granddaughter got in to some trouble when she was living with her father my son . She was getting help until her mother went and took her and her sister away from him while he was at work. I have many grandkids and love them all. But either here are there she needs help she is 15yrs. Her sister went back to her fathers she didnt like being with her mother. I have only seen her three times in two months . Growning up her and I was so close but when she came back here I could see and tell something was wrong. I know what happened already and was hoping she would talk to me but she hasn’t . Now her mother is mad because the other daughter went back to her father and they are mad at me. Her mother lets her date a 18yr boy and I’m not sure if she is even going to school. I want what is best for my granddaught. She is moody, mean, says very bad things to people and on the internet. I was hoping her mother would help her but it seems like to her all of this is OK. I leave in the state ok Oklahoma and would like to know what you can segust for me to get her some help. If she cant talk with me are is mad that is ok but I want her to have the help she needs. Thank you, M.

Answer: Dear M.: I think I would ask my pastor and also go to the school in her area, whether she attends or not, to ask if anyone knows how you can get help. The biggest problem you may face, when you find help, is the possibility that  your granddaughter may refuse to accept it. She is being neglected and another name for that is abuse. She is very fortunate to have someone in her life that loves her when she isn’t very easy to love at this time. You’re an amazing woman. Blessings, Luise


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