She Needs A Safe Environment

Question: I have a problem,I have a 1yr10mos old granddaughter she has lived in my home since birth.Ihave taken full care of the child bathing,feeding,buying clothes,diapers,bottles,nipples,taking her to all appointments with dr.s she was born with a hole in her heart.and took care of her after surgery. my daughter sat on her butt and done nothing the whole time she has been born.My daughter finally took our advise and started college,and was doing good,until the end of jan2011.She met up with a guy on the internet that lived 200 miles away.first night they met.they went to a motel he rented for a week and got pregnant the fisrt night its due any time in october.febuary she got 11,000 dollars in student loans and spent every cent on him taking him out to eat,motel rooms,clothes,shoes,ect.not one cent went on her daughter.The one i am taking care of.not one bag of diapers.stayed gone on weeks on end.showing up long enough to get clean clothsand pickup her kid to say hi and bye.the guy is a felon,i went to casenet and looked him up myself.his dad is a convicted child molester of a girl 8 yrs old another girl at 13 yrs old.evey time the boyfriend comes over he stars at my little granddaughter and takes pictures of her i wold never change her diaper in front of him i would take her to the bed room!!!!!Well here is my problem sept28 my daughter took off with my grand child out of my home my daughter had gotten a big student loan out and bought a car for him she has never gotten her drivers license she is 21yrs old…..well they got a place and put furniture and all that. she took my grandchild out early wed.morning she was still asleep, it was cool that morning nothing over her no diapers just the pajamas she had on that morning.I called 911 cops came out gave me a number to call family services. I went up their and told them everything could.I went back up to family services they could tell me  nothing.I talked to a lawyer on the phone and she told me to wait with family services,but its been a week i have not heard anything not even my daughter has called to let me know something. It is killing me i miss her so much…can you give me any suggestions on what to do or people to talk to ill do anything to get her back in a safe environment again. I live in Missouri THANK YOU! J.

Answer: Your situation requires a professional. I have no idea how you can get around the system that you are in the middle of. Talk to your pastor or see an attorney. There has to be something you can do but I don’t know what it is. You deserve so much better. Blessings, Luise


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