She Has So Much Potential

Question: Dear Luise: where can I download information to help a young lady I know, she has been out in the world on her own since she was 14, has a 2 year old child her aunty and uncle take care off, she is so used to being on her own and fending for herself for so long, now she has met me and my family we have shown her what it’s like to be loved and wanted,and it’s no issue giving her a helping hand but every time she gets close to people she runs a mile because she seems to think when she  lets those barriers down she will get her again. PLEASE help me this young girl has got so much potential. Thank you. L.

Answer: Dear L: I don’t know of any way that you can help someone who is afraid to be helped. Counseling can often assist a damaged person to reframe their concepts but they have to want to do that and be willing to go through the often grueling work it requires.

You can offer to help and you can show her by example that you are not going to hurt her…but she has to reach down inside of her own perceptions to allow them to change. If and when she is willing to do that, then support is of huge value. Until then, it may be viewed with fear and mistrust. Blessings, Luise



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