She Has A Checkered Past

Question: Dear Luise: my question is this: I love a woman that is 9years younger than me. She always told me that she has never cheated or she couldnt be trusted. How important is trust in a relationship. i found out the hard way.the truth. Now i feel like she is hurting me every time we/I attempt to get close.she says i am not romantic enough and that there is other me She knows that would do what im not.We have a 2 yo boy and since she has taken the trust out of the relationship, says that she doesnt want to base the rel. on sex alone.Her she left to pursue her”OTHER” interest, wich i suspect she had been keeping from me. I am currently taking care of our son full time.she has a checkered past with CPS, she makes no effort to see him.She doesnt work so she has the time. what would you do in this situation? A.

Answer: Dear A.: That is so sad and you deserve so much better. I think you should cut your losses, establish full custody of your son and move on. Those who are untrustworthy bring us too much grief. Life is hard enough as it is without having to face and try to accept constant abuse. Blessings, Luise

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