Sometimes She Doesn’t Know Who We are

Question: Dear How can I get through to momma she thinks I am saying she is crazy. I just want her to go to the doctor to get accessed. I think she may have dementia or beyond now. She some times don’t even know who we are nor does she know pop. A.

Answer: Dear A.: You are going to need to get some real help with this one because it’s obvious that your mother isn’t going to cooperate. It’s your dad’s job to get her diagnosed and into a facility. She doesn’t get to vote because she is unable to think rationally.

That level of confusion endangers your mother as well as others. Her denial of her condition doesn’t change the risks. She can get lost, forget she is cooking and start a fire, try to drive or make any number of serious miscalculations. Your dad may need to get a Power of Attorney and other documents like Medical Directives if he hasn’t already done that or it may be too late. He may need to go to court to have her determined to be incompetent.

Go see a doctor without her and talk about it. He will know what you need to do. Go see an attorney. Don’t stop until it is handled and she is safe. It’s not an easy process but you can’t treat her like a rational person and leave her unattended. Blessings, Luise


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