She’s Not To See Us

Question: Dear Luise:  i’am 38 yrs old and have a daughter who is 19yrs just got married and told by her husband you are not to see your family or i will divorce you can she is very scared and sticking to his rule is this allowed in australia she is always crying to see us me and her are like two sisters her little brother misses her greatly she called me last and said mum what can i do i told her to leave him did i do the wrong thing she also said mum its been four months and he  is still the same and if i was to even call you he will divorce me bare in mind this the man who promised us to take excellent care of her he is abusive and threatening her all the time he is 28yrs please tell me what can do my husband is going crazy as to why did he turn out like that we were so nice to him she is now 3 months pregnant and she is not to tell us or thank you for listening. Z.

Answer: Dear Z.: Your daughter is an adult and she has to handle this or suffer the consequences. You can’t make the decision for her and take over. She is married to a pathological abuser. If she stays there is nothing you can do. It’s her choice. If she has the strength to face up to her mistake, she will open up the chance for her and for her child to move on and seek a normal life with your support and love. You all deserve so much better. Blessings, Luise

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