She’s Lost Interest In Sex

Question: Dear Luise: I am 25 and my new wife is 24. We just got married in july and moved to West Virginia. My question is we go through spells were we have sex and spells where we don’t. It seems though the not having sex is why more and when we do its great and we have a wonderful relationship otherwise but this worries me and I wonder is it just that we have a lot going on in our lives right now? My wife seems to never want to and it sometimes turns into a fight for her it seems like a chore is she no longer into me or what can I say or do to bring it back to our relationship? M.

Answer: Dear M.: You can’t say or do anything that I know of because the problem is hers. You’re fine. What you are describing often happens to couples in their 60s (but not always.) It is way too soon for you and you need help if you are going to save your marriage. As soon as you can, arrange to see a counselor, both of you. It’s my take that your future depends on it. Blessing, Luise


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