She’s Completely Changed

Question: Dear Luise: my 7 yo grandaughter stated she hates her life. her parents divorced 3 yrs ago.her mother remarried 2 yrs ago with a extented family of a 8 yo daughter.they had a baby girl 5 months ago.prior to all this she was a happy only child.over the past 1 to 2 yrs she has become very disrespectful to adults and other children.she does not want to go to school and when she does she goes home sick.she complaines of stomach pain.she has been to er’s and to her Dr. with all tests neg.she seems very angry all the time and appears to want only her way.she seems to of completely changed.what can we do. R.

Answer: Dear R.: See a good child psychologist as soon as possible and get her into intensive therapy. Everything she is doing is a cry for help. Blessings, Luise



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